Winter Workout #14 – 3/4/2020

Hi Gang…
Looks like the wind should die down a bit by the evening. Should be nice.
Here’s the plan for this week:
Meet at store (Hanlon’s – Main St).
Leave Hanlon’s at 6:00 (leave a little earlier if you are want to take the warm-up a little slower than most). Jog 2+ mi over to Hyannisport. Meet me up at the Hyannisport beach.
Then we will do 15 x 1 mins @3K-5K pace with 1 min jogging regrouping recovery.  Everyone will following “pace car” so the course will be constantly changing.  Expect some hills.  After each 1 min pick-up…which will be signaled by car horn…everyone will jog back together and then jog slowly as a group…following the car…until the next pick-up.
Then…jog back to store as a cool-down.

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