Winter Workout #4 – 12/11/19

Hi Winter Warriors…if you are interested…here’s a workout for this coming Wednesday:
Meet at store (Hanlon’s – Main St)
Leave Hanlon’s at 6:00 (leave a little earlier if you are want to take the warm-up a little slower than most). Jog ~2 mi over to Hyannisport. Meet me at the Hyannisport YC (corner of Irving Ave & Iyannough Ave).
Once in Hyannisport…we’ll do approximately 20-25 mins of mostly continuous running on hilly loop at moderate pace…but pushing uphills. Since the weather looks a little iffy…we’ll wait to decide on exact loop. At the end of each loop we might have quick re-grouping periods so we maintain a good group vibe.
Jog back to store as a cool-down.
Note: Workout is extremely flexible. We can make all kinds of individual modifications based on what you want to do.

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