2019 Running Program – Workout #3 – 5/22/19

Hi Troops,

Here’s what is planned for this Wednesday’s:

Warm-up – We’ll break into groups according to current fitness level and do 15-20 mins of easy jogging…or jogging mixed with walking. This should be easy. Come back to the track feeling good. If you go off on your own…plan to be back from warm-up around 6:20PM…give or take.

Workout – Pick-ups of 2 x 3 mins, 3 x 2 mins, 3 x 90 secs @~20 min race pace (pace you could sustain for 20 mins if you had to) with walking/jogging recoveries loosely equivalent to length of pick-up.

Cool-down – 5-20+ mins of easy jogging or walk/jogging…or walking.  Much like warm-up but doesn’t need to be as long in duration.

Guests and drop-ins welcome…

See you there…RAIN or SHINE!!!

Coach Paul

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