2019 Running Program – Workout #1 – 5/8/19

Hi All,

It’s opening night of the Spring/Summer running group at the Barnstable HS track.

We’ll start sign-ups at ~5:30 and begin the workout at 6:00PM.  It’s $50 for everyone…new or old. Checks payable to Paul Fendler.  Ask about family, couples discounts.

The workouts will look like this:

Warm-up – We’ll break into groups according to current fitness level and do 10-20 mins of easy jogging…or jogging mixed with walking. This part is meant to be easy.  If you go off on your own, make sure you are back to the track at ~6:20PM

Track workout – Intervals of 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1 mins with recovery periods approximately the same as the duration of the pick-up.

Note 1: Pick-ups are to be done at a repeatable pace…one that you can repeat throughout the course of the workout. Take first two 1-minute intervals as a warm-up.  I’ll help you find the appropriate pace.

Note 2: We’ll make individual adjustments as needed. For example…we may lengthen or shorten the period of harder running according to fitness level.

Cool-down – 5+ mins of easy jogging or walk/jogging…or walking.

Guests welcome…

See you there…RAIN or SHINE!!!

Coach Paul

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