2018-2019 Winter Workout #8 – 1/23/19

Hi Folks,

OK…here’s the tentative plan for this coming Wednesday:

  • Meet at Hanlon’s Shoes in Hyannis…leave the store at 6:00PM. Leave a little early if you need more warm-up time.
  • ~2 mi warm-up to Hyannisport…meet at post office in Hyannisport
  • Hilly run on 1K loop…with optional breaks…recommend 4-8 loops. Go for volume over intensity…particularly if you are in marathon training.
  • 2+mi cool-down back to store

Course notes:  Loop starts at post office…then goes up Wachusett…takes a left on Scudder…Scudder turns into Dale and winds around to stop sign…take right onto Hawthorne and go up hill…at top take right onto Irving…1K ends ~at Longwood…walk or jog on Longwood (a little “cut through” road) over to post office. If you want to skip the short recovery and just run continuously, it’s a .7 mile loop in total.

Pace notes: Pacing really depends on what you have been doing the rest of the week. If you raced over the weekend, or you ran a speed workout the night before, or had a tough Tuesday workout of some kind, or are just tired…then there is no reason to run any of this hard. Just put some miles in the hills. If you are fairly fresh and this is one of the “focus” workouts of the week, then I’d suggest running the 1K loop at a pace you could hold for an hour…somewhere between 10K and 10MI race pace…not super hard…but a little harder than typical training pace.

We can easily improvise alternatives for those wanting something a little less challenging.

Everyone welcome. No charge.

There is parking at the beach in Hyannisport if you need it.

All the best…

Coach Paul

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