2018-2019 Winter Workout #7 – 1/16/19

Hi Gang,

OK…here’s the tentative plan for this coming Wednesday:

  • Meet at Hanlon’s Shoes in Hyannis…leave the store at 6:00PM. Leave a little early if you need more warm-up time.
  • ~2 mi warm-up to Hyannisport…meet at the stop sign when you come into Hyannisport (corner of Washington, Mt Vernon, etc)
  • 3-5 Grayton Ave hill loops (.81 mi)…push the ~1/4 mile Grayton hill (maybe 10k effort…no faster)…run rest of loop steady…walk or jog last 100m of loop as a short recovery (I’ll show you where that is)
  • 2+mi cool-down back to store

Notes: Similar to last week except it’s a longer loop with a longer but more gradual uphill and downhill…and I’m suggesting a short recovery walk or jog towards the end of every loop…with the hope you’ll be able to do more volume. Again, I’d encourage you to form little packs based on pace.

We can easily improvise alternatives for those wanting something a little less challenging.

Everyone welcome. No charge.

There is parking at the beach in Hyannisport if you need it.

All the best…

Coach Paul

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