2018-2019 Winter Workout #3 – 12/5/18

My Dear Warriors,

Here’s the tentative plan for this coming Wednesday:

  • Meet at Hanlon’s Shoes in Hyannis…leave the store at 6:00PM
  • 2+mi warm-up to Hyannisport…meet at corner of Wachusset Ave & Washington Ave (I’ll meet you there…~6:20PM)
  • 3 x ~1200m (3/4 mi) loop, recovery will be ~2-3 min…jogging for some…walking for others…
  • 2+mi cool-down back to store

Note: Suggested pace for pick-ups is 30-40 min race pace effort…an effort you could sustain for at least 30-40 mins.

Loop is somewhat hilly…but not quite as steep as last week.

We can easily improvise alternatives.

Everyone welcome.

All the best…

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