2018 Running Program – Workout #23 – 10/10/18

Hello my fine fleet-footed friends,

Here’s the plan for Wednesday:

Warm-up  – 15-20 mins of easy jogging…or jogging mixed with walking. This should be relaxed. Time it so you are ready for the track at ~6:20PM.

Track workout – Pick-ups of 2, 2, 4, 8*, 4, 2, 2 mins @25-30 min race effort (pace you could hold for 25-30 mins if you had to…not too hard) with recoveries 1/2 duration of pick-up.

*Note – The 8 minute pick-up is to be done exactly at goal half marathon or marathon pace…depending on which you are doing this Fall. If you are doing neither, do it paced on estimated half marathon pace.

We’ll make individual modifications as necessary.

Cool-down – 5-20+ mins of easy jogging or walk/jogging…or walking.

Note: All participants will be guided to the appropriate group for both warm-up and track.

Guests and drop-ins welcome…

See you there…

Coach Paul

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