2018 Running Program – Workout #7 – 6/20/18

Hey Folks,

The plan for this Wednesday’s workout is as follows:

Warm-up  – We’ll break into groups according to current fitness level and do 15-20 mins of easy jogging…or jogging mixed with walking. This should be easy…although pushing the last 2-3 mins of the warm-up can be good as it helps you transition into the track work.

Track workout –  Pick-ups of 4, 2, 2, 4, 2, 2 mins @~20 min race pace with 1-2 mins walk/jog/re-group recoveries…then (maybe) 2 x 200m as you feel w/full recovery.

Cool-down – 5-20+ mins of easy jogging or walk/jogging…or walking.  Much like warm-up but doesn’t need to be as long in duration.

Note: All participants will be guided to the appropriate group for both warm-up and track.

Guests and drop-ins welcome…

See you there…

Coach Paul

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