Running & Racing – Workout #15 – 8/16/2017

Hi Folks,

Here is the workout for Wednesday 8/16/17:

6:00PM – 15-20 mins easy jog around high school grounds, return to track, then pick-ups of  x 4 mins @25-30 min race pace, with ~2 min walk/jog recovery, then cool-down.

Note: Those of you who are running Falmouth should either to fewer reps or run the reps a bit slower. It’s a bit too close to the race to do a normal effort…unless you are just training through Falmouth.

Guests welcome…

See you there…

Coach Paul


PLEASE NOTE: Next week (8/23), we are going to skip the workout because so many runners are going to Isaac’s Run 5K over at Cape Cod Beer.  Maybe we’ll see you there.

You can find info about the race here:—august-23-2017.html

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