Session #1 – Opening Night

Hi All,

Time to get back at it. Tonight is first night of the Spring/Summer running group at the Barnstable HS track.

We didn’t do application forms this year as yours truly has had a few too many personal responsibilities. Instead we’ll just do a quick sign-up at the track.  It’s $50 for everyone…new or old. Checks payable to Kevin Petrovek.

Here are the workouts planned for the Wednesday 5/10/16:

Basic Running – 5:45PM – Interesting combo of walking, easy jogging, running…usually lasting ~60 mins

Running & Racing – 6:00PM – 15-20mins easy jog around high school grounds, return to track, then pick-ups of 1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2 mins w/walk/jog recovery/re-grouping periods ~ equivalent to interval period, then cool-down jog.  Run pick-ups at a repeatable pace…a pace you can maintain throughout the workout.

Guests welcome…

See you there…RAIN or SHINE!!!

Coach Paul

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