Bonus Workout #7 – Running & Racing – 9/9/15

Hi All…

Here’s tomorrow night’s workout:

~2 mi warm-up around the grounds…then on track…pick-ups of 3,6,9,6,3mins @30-40min “on the night” race pace w/2-3 min recovery walk/jog…then cool-down.  Looks like another warm evening so pacing is important.

Make sure to give me feedback as to how you have been feeling the day after these track workouts.

Also…please note that the workout is designed for those doing longer Fall races.  We can easily make individual modifications…i.e. reduced duration…increased recovery…increased or decreased intensity…for those looking for a somewhat different training effect.

Guests, friends, relatives, drop-ins are always welcome.

See you then…

Coach Paul

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