Bonus Workout #1 – Running & Racing – 7/29/15

Hello Fine Athletes,

As you may or may not know…the Running & Racing group will continue into the Fall…at least while there is still light.  Start time is still 6:00PM.

Here’s tomorrow night’s workout:

~2 mi warm-up around the grounds…then on track…6 x 30/60’s (30 secs fast/60 secs jog)…then 2 x 6 mins at 30 min race pace w/2-3 min walk/jog/re-group recovery…then 6 x 30/60’s…then 1-2mi cool-down.  Note: we’ll take water breaks after 30/60’s and after both 6 min pick-ups.

Guests, friends, relatives, drop-ins are always welcome.

See you then…

Coach Paul

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