Summer/Fall Session – Bonus Finale Workout #12 – 10/15/14 –

Hi Gang,

This Wednesday will be the last workout at the track for our group.  Runs from Hanlon’s will begin Wednesday 11/5/14 at 6:00PM.

Here’s this week’s workout:

1-2mi warm-up around the grounds…then on track 4 x 1mi (or 8min whichever comes first) @MP (marathon pace) or slightly faster.. Cool-down around the grounds…varying lengths.  With so many folks running long races in the next week or two this is just to make sure you can feel your pace…and know that you can do it.  Simple.

Arrangements will be made for anyone who would like to do something different.

Drop-ins, guests always welcome…

See you then…

Coach Paul

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