Summer/Fall Session – Bonus Workout #11 – 10/8/14

Hi My Fine-Feathered-Fleet-Footed Friends,

Here’s Wednesday night’s workout:

~2mi warm-up around the grounds…then on track 3 x 12mins @2-3 hour race pace with 1min re-group/walk/jog recoveries. Cool-down around the grounds…varying lengths.

Please note:  This workout is to get everyone “calibrated” for their upcoming Fall races.  It’s not a speed workout.  It’s for the half-marathoners and marathoners to get a feel for their paces.  I’ll explain in more detail Wednesday night.

Also…if you are not running a half marathon or marathon this Fall…and would prefer a more “traditional” workout…we will do something along the lines of 5 x 3mins @20min race pace, w/~3min recoveries.

Drop-ins, guests always welcome…

See you then…

Coach Paul

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