Summer Session #7 – Basic Running & R&R – 6/26/13

Hi All,

Here are the workouts for tomorrow night:

Basic Running – 5:45PM – 10-15min  very easy jogging warm-up, then a series of “pick-ups” on track with recovery/re-grouping periods that are generally equal in duration to the duration of the pick-up.  Workout will end with ~10min cool-down jog.  Coach Lord will explain how to run the pick-ups etc..  Please note that everyone who does this workout is also welcome to join the Running & Racing workout which should begin right about the time Basic Running is finishing up on the track.  Total workout time is 45-60mins.

Running & Racing – 6:00PM – 15-20mins easy jog around high school grounds, return to track, then pick-ups of 3x1min, 6x90secs, 3x1min w/~60-90secs recovery/re-grouping periods, then cool-down jog.  Try to start fairly conservatively and finish fast.  Avoid straining.

Stay cool…

Bye for now,


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