Welcome Back – Opening night – Wed – 5/16/2012

Hi All,

We’re back…

Here are the various workouts planned for the first night of the spring/summer program:

Walk/Run – 5:45PM – walk 90secs,  jog 30secs, repeat 15 times for a total of 30mins.  Try to relax and not try to do too much the first night.  You want to be anxious to get out there Thursday, Friday and so on…

Basic Running – 5:45PM – 10-15min  very easy jogging warm-up, then a series of “pick-ups” on track with recovery/re-grouping periods that are generally equal in duration to the duration of the pick-up.  Workout will end with ~10min cool-down jog.  Coach Lord will explain how to run the pick-ups etc..  Please note that everyone who does this workout is also welcome to join the Running & Racing workout which should begin right about the time Basic Running is finishing up on the track.  Total workout time is 45-60mins.

Running & Racing – 6:00PM – 15-20mins easy jog around high school grounds, return to track, then pick-ups of 1,2,2,1,2,2,1,2,2,1 mins w/~90sec walk/jog recovery/re-grouping periods, then cool-down jog.  Recommended pace for the pick-ups is fastest pace you can hold for at least 15-25mins (if you had to).  Last couple pick-ups can be run faster and by feel.

Try to relax the first night…

See you there…RAIN or SHINE!!!

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