Summer Session – Bonus Workout #6 – 9/21/11 – YASSO!

Hi Troops,

Here’s the workout for the Running and Racing group tomorrow night.

2 mile warm-up around the grounds.

Then on the track…for those that are willing…we’ll do a workout for the marathoners…5x4mins w/200m recovery jog.  This should be very close to the YASSO 800’s for all the 4hr marathoners (we’ll explain at the track).  The intensity of the 4min pick-ups is a bit easier than most of you are used to running.  It should be a pace that you could sustain for a good 30mins…or thereabouts.

Don’t fret if this workout it not your cup of tea.  Kevin will provide an alternative with pick-ups of a much shorter duration.  So there should be something for everyone.

Cool-down jog.

See you at the track!


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