Fall Session – Workout #2 – 9/8/10

Hi Folks,

Note – all groups start at the same time.  Also, a separate workout for Running & Racing is planned.

Here are the various workouts planned…RAIN OR SHINE:

Walk/Run – 5:45PM – walk 60secs,  jog 60secs, repeat 15 times for a total of 30mins.

Basic Running – 5:45PM – 10-15min  very easy jogging warm-up, then a series of “pick-ups” with recovery/re-grouping periods that are generally equal in duration to the duration of the pick-up.  Workout will end with ~10min cool-down jog.  Most of the workout will take place at the Jr High until the new track is ready.  For now…meet at the track…or what’s left of it…until you hear otherwise.

Running & Racing – 5:45PM – ~15+mins easy jog around high school grounds, end up at Jr High, then pick-ups, 8x90sec @~3K-5K race pace, cool-down.

Have fun!!!

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